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Crucial capabilities

Competency approach implies
the idea that for each area of Leadership performance there is
a set of finite number of competencies. In this case Competencies are defined as Individual capabilities for intentional practice of specific behaviors. Each competency comprises of finite number of observable behaviors. If these behaviors are practiced in proper sequency, frequency, intensity, consistency and authenticity it will leads to Leadership success in this particular area.

Once crucial capabilities (competency set) for particular Leadership area is defined, we use competencies and comprising behaviors as building blocks for development. We assess, modify, redirect, build, evaluate and sustain these behaviors using variety of tools, technics and methodologies.



Ready-made competency sets for different Management levels

Leading Self – Leadership Basics®

Leading Others – Results Through Others®

Leading Managers – Balancing Up, Down and Across®

Leading the Function – Leading for Organizational Impact®

Leading the Organization – Executive Excellence®

Ready-made competency sets for Organizational level issues

Leading Strategy - Strategic leadership®

Leading Change - Change Leadership®

Leading Innovation - Collaborate to Inovate® 

Leading Teams - Leading Effective Teams®

Leading Virtual Teams - Leading in a Virtual Environment®

Leading Collaboration - Boundaries Spanning Leadership®

Leading Without Authority - Influencing Across the Matrix™

Leading for Engagement – Hogan Engaging Leader®

Leading Safety – Hogan Safety®

Ready-made competency sets for Individual level issues

Leading by Coaching - Coaching for Impact®

Leading with EQ - Emotionally Intelligent Leadership®

Leadership Decisions - Hogan Judgment Model®

Leadership Career - Hogan High Potentials Model®

Customized competency sets based on Your existing or our Generic competency model

Management levels competency profiles and validation

Organizational functions competency profiles and validation

Specific positions competency profiles and validation

Specific projects competency profiles and validation

Specific team’s competency profiles and validation

Specific industries competency profiles and validation


We have profound expertise with following competency models:

Lominger, Korn Ferry - Leadership Architect®

Development Dimensions International - Success profiles®

Center for Creative Leadership - 360 by design®

Hogan Assessment Systems - Hogan Competency Model®



Based on thousands individual leadership development cases we have been directly involved in and combining perspectives from world top researchers and practitioners, we built
Crucial Capabilities to Performance® Model

Crucial capabilities to performance model Entalent 1


For each ready-made or customized competency set we have or quickly can build:


copetency model


Competency set definitions and visuals


challenges and outcomes


Business challenges and expected outcomes it addresses




Assessment tools for individuals, teams and organization


development program


Development program with agenda, activities, tools and measures


consultancy services


Full spectrum of consultancy services needed


business results


Methodology for turning competencies into business results

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Leadership Development brochure

Leadership Development Approach and Services 

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Core leadership Programs brochure

Core Leadership Development Programs 

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