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Leadership talent

Individual success is sum of person’s decisions up to the moment. Organizational success
is not very different. At the top there are two decisions to be made: about projects and about people. What to be done
and who to do it? What to be
done is a matter of strategy. But the strategy is made by people. Who to be in charge to bring the strategy alive is a legitimate question and who is going to execute the strategy is another legitimate one.

It seems that for the best of the organization, the right persons in charge is the only thing of importance. Using another word, the right persons in charge is Leadership Talent. When staffing decisions for leadership positions are made upon valid leadership talent data assessment, leadership success and thus organization proliferation are much more probable.


Fit: Assessment of person’s values and mapping them with existing organizational, departmental, team or direct boss culture in terms to predict Organizational Fit (Engagement)®

Potential: Assessment of person’s personality traits and mapping them with role’s personality traits ranges in terms to predict Leadership Potential® for particular role.

Risk: Assessment of person’s derailment tendencies and mapping them with position’s risk aversion profile in terms to predict Risk Aversion Suitability®.

Enablers: Assessment of person’s intellectual capacity and mapping it with position, industry and strategy cognitive requirements in terms to predict Business Acumen Capacity®.

Readiness: Assessment of person’s previous leadership experience and mapping it with expected leadership and business challenges in terms to predict Leadership Challenges Readiness®.

Performance: Assessment of person’s leadership competence and mapping it with position leadership competency profile in terms to predict (evaluate) Leadership Performance®.


Leadership talent model Entalent 2018


According to specifics of the project, we combine assessment methodologies, tools and benchmarksto ensure you gain the insights you need. The more informed you are about a person’s capabilities the more able you will be place the right leaders in the right roles within your business. These assessments include:

multi raterMulti-rater assessments: Delivered online or through phone interviews, these assessments determine leadership behaviours of the employee in their current role.

interviewMarket-based interviews: Market-based interviews are performed face-to-face or by video to determine the leader’s functional, industry, and other experience.

phone conversation 512Behavioural leadership interviews: Behavioural leadership interviews are meant to measure an individual’s leadership behaviours, drivers, and experiences.

personalityiconLeadership Inventories: The assessments ask individuals questions and measures the competencies, experiences, traits and drivers.

resourcesBusiness simulations: The candidates are presented with different scenarios, and we gather observable data based on their responses and critical behaviours in those situations.

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