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Managerial Talent

Are You Seeing The Full Picture Of Your Managerial Talent?

It is managerial behaviors that propel management system to works. But which ones?

The answer of this question seems quite obvious: These behaviors that are needed for properly execution of management processes, using management tools are important ones we have to focus on. There are numerous generic managerial competency models we can use to select the significant competencies for success at different management levels and across different organizational functions. In Entalent we use proven process for competency modeling or mapping for managerial positions. It consists of:

  • Conduct scientific job analyses using proven methodologies for collecting and validating data.
  • Create highly accurate, comprehensive Success Profiles aligned with cultural, strategy and business specific requirements.
  • Develop familiarity with competencies and the tools to apply them to your competency management process.
  • Eliminate bias and subjectivity throughout processes of attracting, developing and retaining management talent.

Management system will excel only, if you identify, attract, promote, retain and engage the right managers.

KF4D Graphic Web 2016aAfter we identify behaviors needed, now we have to decide for right people. But the right behaviors occur when all 4 basic blocks of people behaviors are adjusted to our competency profile for the position:

Competencies are the observable skills and behaviors that a
manager will need in order to succeed in their position.

These are a measurement of the opportunities the
manager has endured, and the things he or she has been able to learn through direct experience.

Traits represent a person’s intellectual and emotional qualities. While they reflect who a candidate is, they are not necessarily permanent. Just as with their external skills, candidates can work to develop and strengthen their internal traits.

Drivers are an individual’s deep motivations. Personal values, aspirations, and other desires are what drive individuals to achieve in their lives. These Drivers are a crucial part of determining how well a
manager will fit within the company culture, how seriously they will engage with the business, and how long they are likely to remain with an organization.

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