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Managing Team

Borislav Ignatov site removebg previewBorislav Ignatov, PhD, MBA, Dipl. Eng.

Managing Partner


Borislav Ignatov is the founder and chief executive officer of Entalent. He is a leading expert in the field of leadership development, and is a highly respected and sought after speaker, consultant and executive coach. 

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petia popova foto.1024x1024

Petia Popova, MS in Psychology

Senior Consultant


Petia Popova is Leadership/Management Consultant (external) at Entalent, where she oversees all aspects of the consulting processes from analysis to customer satisfaction. She brings her experience in Human Resources and Leadership.    Read the full biography


wewe removebg previewSashka Gabarova, Dipl. Eng.

Consultant Analyst


Sashka Gabarova is Consultant Analyst at Entalent, where she oversees all aspects of the processes from data gathering to reports delivering. She brings her experience in information technology.
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Picture2Marina Bayraktarova, BS in Psychology



Marina Bayraktariva is Senior Consultants at Entalent, where he oversees all aspects of the  consulting processes from Research to measurement of results. She brings his experience in Gestalt Psychology.
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