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Processes Optimisation

Who Drives Your Business – People or Systems?

Streamlining and Re-Engineering the existing Managerial Processes becomes the priority in order to run the business on “Auto-Mode” and achieving Operational Excellency.

In Entalent we hold expertise in the area of Re-Engineering of Managerial Processes starting from Simple to most complex processes within organization

Our Steps of Managerial Process Re-Engineering (MPR)

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Define Onjectives of Managerial Process - According to the area to be managed and aligned with the business strategy, objectives of management are identified and depicted.

As-Is Mapping of Current Processes Understanding the Present Managerial Processes and the way organization’s other processes are linked with this process.

Identifying the GAPs in Critical Managerial Processes Finding GAP in critical process will helps to define the objective and area of re-engineering.

Re-Engineering the Process with accountability We first define the objective of reengineering which may be any of the following: Employees’ productivity, Qualiry excellence, Cost Management, Resource utilization, Auto mode operation. Once the organization is clear with objective then we Re-engineer the process by keeping focus on key objectives. Along with re-engineering, we define the accountability of individual as well as department to handle and manage the updated Process.

Monitoring System Once we reengineer, it is important to design the monitoring system that can track the performance of new process on time to time basis.

Process Implementation Now, when we have identified accountability and designed monitoring system for new Process, it’s a time to launch the Process within the Organization by implementation action plan where we guide and educate team about new processes, benefits and implications on business.

Process Analysis & Standardization It is very important to observe the process through right set of monitoring tools and make sure, new process is running smoothly and if required, we do updations and then standardize the process. To standardize the process, we design and implement different Tools/Systems within organization.

Business Process Audit to Ensure Success - Audit is an essential step to make sure that standardized process is followed as per guidelines of organization to achieve the desired results.

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