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In Modern Corporate World These Days There Are Enormous Variance of Issues That Have to Be Managed

Respectively there are many management practices that are in usage among managers.

It is not the same to manage Strategic financial project and Salesman’s quota attainment at the end of the Q4. Management process is different, management tools are different, management techniques and behaviors are different. On the other hand, modern managers (especially senior ones) are responsible for achievement of complex goals, and in terms to succeed they have to manage a plethora of organizational and business issues. It is easy to confuse or at least to miss something important that needs attention and management action.  

Isn’t it being helpful for managers to have a model/framework, that organizes all management practices in a such way, that allows easily to assess existence or absence of management practice for important business issue and easily to adapt process, tools and behaviors according specifics of this issue.

3D three dimensions management framework overview entalentAfter years of practice and research we in Entalent built such a comprehensive model: Entalent 3D Management Framework®that clearly outlines most management practices in organizations these days. At first it states that most management issues might be divided into three broad categories:

Areas that management efforts are focused on. These are critical business assets that combined in a proper way leads to business results, but that are significant enough to be managed as separate entities. Such issues are: Crisis. Operations, People, Teams, Projects, Business process and Strategy

Aspects of the areas. Areas of focus are broadly defined. Aspects of the areas are specific cuts or perspectives of the area, that needs specific management approach. Such aspects are: Performance, Quality, Risk, Knowledge, Innovation, Change and Effectiveness

Organizational functions specialization. These are the most common organizational functions, where specific challenges even sometimes specific culture exists and that is why they require customized management actions. Such functions are: Finance, Production, Sales, Marketing, Human resources, Procurement and Maintenance

Entalent 3D Management Framework®,is a flexible model. If there is something important for your organization that is not presented in the current edition of the model, like Customer relations (Function), or Working capital (Area), or Sustainability (Aspect), it could be easily added when the model is applied.

3D three dimensions management framework examples entalentThe power of the Entalent 3D Management Framework®,stems from its ability to assess current management practices in your organization.

Once you place all relevant Areas, Aspects and Function for your organization, you might generate all different combinations of items in these three categories and thus to list all possible management practices for a particular organization. Sometimes there are management practices (combinations of Area, Aspect and Function) that are not relevant to the business or do not require formal management system. But if there is a management practice that is relevant and important for the business but is not covered by Formal management system, it might be labeled as a gap. Entalent 3D Management framework draws your Map of Management Practices Gaps®.

3D three dimensions management framework table entalentThese gaps might be additionally explored by splitting one or more of three categories into subcategories. For example, Strategy (Area) might be split into: Strategic Analysis, Strategy Formulation, Identifying Critical Success Factors, Prioritization, Gap Identification and so on, and thus Managing Quality of Marketing Strategy, will be redefined as: Managing Quality of Marketing Strategic Analysis, Managing Quality of Marketing Strategy Formulation and so on. In the Map of Management Practices Gaps® all the gaps will be depicted with subcategories you have chosen in advance.

The second great opportunity Entalent 3D Management Framework® provides is that in combination with other tools, like Cascading Management Responsibilities®,we can draw clear roadmap for development (redesign), implementation and sustain of your Formal management system, fully customized for your organization.

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