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We help our clients to achieve their business goals more effectively by Advanced leadership, Exceeding management and more Agile organisation. We do this, providing full spectrum, highly effective consulting services with premium quality, in following areas:

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Gaining perspective from our numerous leadership development projects and taking into consideration world’s leading consulting practices, we conceptualized Advanced Leadership Development® features. To make transition clear and for better contrast, we defined Traditional (mainstream or old school) leadership development approach from Advanced one, in three main dimensions:

Capabilities or leadership behaviours that are expected leaders to intentionally and selectively practice in their work
Development or experience, processing tools and methodologies and leadership performance building and sustaining techniques in usage
Measurement or how leadership performance development effectiveness will be proved to stakeholders of the project

We posit that in all three dimensions, transition is going from DETACHED to DERIVED. For each of three dimensions transition is going like this:

Capabilities - Detached from Strategy to derived from Strategy
Development - Detached from Real work to derived from Real work
Measurement - Detached from Results to derived from Results

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Advanced Leadership Development® is Entalent’s proprietary model and its usage without permission from rights owner will be treated as transgression of the applicable lows.



Consulting is about collaboration. Of course, expertise, consultants and technology are of great importance, but without effective collaboration between client and consultant even best consulting practices will not produce desired results. There are two main components of effective collaboration, that achieve consulting project goals: Agenda and Roles. Good agenda (consulting project plan) is results of good decisions, made by key leaders in organization and is s strongly influenced by business strategy, which means that it fluctuates from project to project and from organization to organization. Roles on the other hands are relatively stable from project to project at least at the level Client/Consultant.

Based on insights and measurement we derived from our leadership and management development projects, we conceptualised Client/Consultant Collaboration® Model, which we pretend to conceive better achievement of consultancy project goals. Our model is built around deliverables each party is in charge for:

We (Consultant) are in charge to deliver:

Knowledge and tools
Capable and striving Consultants
Quality and Attitude

We (Consultant + Client together) are in charge to deliver:

Leadership/Sponsorship of the project
Effective Project delivery
Proficient Change leadership and management

We (Client + Consultant behind) are in charge to deliver:

Proper execution of Strategy
Achievement of Business goals
Creation of Shareholders value

Client Consultant collaboration model entalent 1

Though it might seem clear and easy to be done, such collaboration demands will, efforts and time of the key people from both sides: Client and Consultant, or in other words: it is not free. Even more, will, efforts and time of the key people are most expensive and scare resources each organization possess. That is why, only those organizations, that are pretty aware about these costs from the very beginning of the projects are doomed to consultancy project success.

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